Hay bales disrupt the musty fog that clings to the ground. Upon them, an army of jack-o’-lanterns flicker casting a warm yet eerie glow. A closer look reveals carvings of ghosts, vampires, witches, and almost every nostalgic Halloween tableau imaginable. This is the centerpiece that is Wicked Pumpkin Hollow. However, take a closer look and discover that this hollow has more to offer than its creator’s wickedly fun pumpkin carvings. Masked tick-or-treaters, bats, skeletons, and a menacing seven-foot pumpkin figure, to name a few, are set against a backdrop of festive cornstalks, towering trees, spooky sounds, and haunting lighting that will transport the visitor from the quiet neighborhood in Sherman Oaks where this display is located and to Halloween of yesteryear.

Halloween 2017